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We provide no hassle warrantee coverage on most ANY brand of roofing!

Never Clean Your Gutters Again

With Gutter Helmet installed, you can forget about climbing that ladder and risking serious injury. Also, you won't have to pay anyone to clean your gutters ever again. Engineered to last a lifetime, Gutter Helmet installs over new or existing gutters.


Gutter Helmet - Gutter Guards Your Can Trust!

  • Installs Over New or Existing Gutters
  • Keeps Leaves, Needles, Dirt, and Debris Out
  • Prevents Animals, Birds & Insects from Nesting
  • Directs Rain Water Away From Your Home

Gutters With No Holes!

The SnapLock Gutter System® eliminates failures due to water damage typically associated with conventional gutter installations. SnapLock’s innovative “No-hole” technology uses no spikes or nails for attachment to your roofline.

SnapLock Gutter System

Snaplock Gutter System

  • Floats Freely!
  • "No-hole” technology!
  • Watertight mating!
  • Allows for ventilation!

No More Ice Dams!

The Helmet Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that can be used for a wide variety of freeze protection applications (such as heated gutters). By installing Helmet Heat along with the Gutter Helmet System you can help protect your home from ice damage!

Heated Helmet No More Gutter Ice Dams

Helmet Heat by Gutter Helmet

  • Stays Hidden - No Unsightly Wires!
  • Self Regulating & GFCI Protected
  • No Roof Clips Required as with Regular Heat Wire
  • Significantly Prevents formation of Ice & Icicles

Home Improvement Services

The Gutter People of WNY are proud to serice all of Erie County!

Gutter Helmet

The Gutter People of WNY are your exclusive dealer and installation company for the gutter protection of Gutter Helmet! NEVER CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AGAIN!

Profile Gutters

Why settle for plain old gutters? Replace your old style traditional gutter with profile gutters! Adding value and beauty to your home! We also handle copper and yankee gutter systems!


Did you know that we are more than just a gutter company? The Gutter People of WNY provides roofing comany services! We resolve the dilemmas that others walk away from!


Exterior siding is just one of our many services! We specialize in vinyl, steel, aluminum, cedar and clapboard siding and have many product lines available!

Why choose Gutter Helmet for your gutter protection?

Gutter Helmet® Benefits: Protects Your Largest Lifetime Investment!

Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards

Gutter Helmet carries a triple lifetime, performance warranty! Why would you consider any other gutter guard or protection system?

The Permanent Solution to Clogged Gutters!

Retractable Awning Installation

Need custom shade in your backyard on those hot, sunny days? Then contact The Gutter People of Western New York, the retractable awning experts. You will stay cool, save energy and enjoy the great outdoors with a retractable awning that will also look fantastic on your home. Our retractable awnings offer a number of key benefits for you and your family.

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Recent Installations!

Your not alone! Here is a small sample of our most recent installation of gutter helmet, profile gutters, helmet heat, roofing, siding, replacement windows and more!

We have installed 100's of mile of gutters and gutter guards by Gutter Helmet! Join the thousands of happy owners that will never have to clean their gutters again!

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Gutter Protection Install

Gutter Helmet installation. Another happy customer that will never clean their gutters again!

Profile Gutters Install

Profile gutters installation. Now you can choose the style of gutter! Contact us today!

New Roof

We do more than just gutters! We are on of the top roofing and siding companies!

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